New Infoayamonte On The Way


It’s that time of the year again when infoayamonte needs a bit of a facelift. The webpage has been running Joomla 2.5 so we are going for a whole new facelift and a swap to Joomla 3.3.
Basically we are going to change loads of stuff so it works better and on all types of platforms, mobile, web, iphone etc.
So here are a few things that are changing.
Eye in the sky: here we will have a lot of aerial photos of Ayamonte, Isla Canela and Costa Esuri.
Restaurant Guide: The restaurant guide needs updating so send your nomination to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tapa & Tercio: Basically a guide to bars for a tapa or a beer. Again nominations please to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Michael H Blog: For a long while I have been thinking of how I can bring some news or simple instructions to the infoayamonte site but couldn’t really figure which category they would fit in. Be it the snug or local news or useful information. So I have just decided to open up Michael H’s Blog within a tab on the Infoayamonte site.
Of course all the older items will stay and we will be including many new interviews. So the countdown has begun the new site will be launched on March 17th 2015.

Esuri Bus Starts


A new bus route which connects Ayamonte with Costa Esuri started today 12th January. The bus route which has 12 bus stops within Costa Esuri is a service that the residents of Costa Esuri have been demanding for some time.
The Deputy Mayor of Ayamonte and President of EUC Francisco José Álvarez Rubiño said “It is a great result to finally be able to confirm that the Costa Esuri residents will have their own bus service. It has taken a lot of work and after many meetings with the Local Residents association CERA and the transport company Damas S.A the buses are finally on the streets of Costa Esuri.
The twelve stops in Costa Esuri are as follows:
1. Av. Juan Pablo II (By the first gate of Vista Esuri)
2. Av. Juan Pablo II/Round about Miguel de Unamuno
3. Albatros Golf
4. Las Encinas (By the first gate)
5. La Jara Sur (Entrance in Jorge Guillén)
6. La Jara Norte (Entrance in Jorge Guillén)
7. Oasis Park (Before the crossroads to Colinas)
8. Las Colinas (Round about)
9. Guadiana Golf/Vista Hermosa (Fountain)
10. Lomas (In front of the shop)
11. Round about Miguel de Unamuno (In front of the post box)
12. Av. Juan Pablo II/Marina Esuri (Facing Stop 1)
Please see PDF of Stops here.

The cost per journey is one euro, The bus will stop at the bus stop near the Parador in Ayamonte and the Bus Station. For the return journey pickup points in Ayamonte are the bus station and Mercadona busstop.
Monday to Friday Costa Esuri to Ayamonte :  08.45, 10.45 & 16.00 (Saturdays 09.30)
Monday to Friday Ayamonte to Costa Esuri :  13.00, 15.00 & 19.00 (Saturdays 12.30)

Christmas Greetings From Ayamonte


It is that time of year again when I get to thank all the readers for their support this year. Following the yearly tradition I have made a video postcard of Ayamonte for you to enjoy.
From Infoayamonte I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2015. May you have the best health and enough of everything else.

This year we have broken the 3 million hits barrier and we still have 8 days to go in 2014. Plans for next year are a bit of revamp of the webpage (changing from version 2.5 to 3.3) and the inclusion of new aerial photos and videos.
Have a Great Christmas, Feliz Navidad and hope to see you in Ayamonte sometime soon.
Michael H

Ayamonte Has Style


The people in Ayamonte and its surrounds have once again shown their true colours and given almost 9 tonnes of food to the food bank over two days last weekend.
This time last year I spoke about how the collection points had broken all records, well this year with the Four collection points in Mercadona, Día, Supersol and el Jamón, the people have donated 8,860 kilos of food.
The volunteers who helped collect the food stuffs were overwhelmed with the response on Friday and Saturday, with one volunteer saying “Everyone bought something and even those who can’t really afford too much went that extra bit, that’s what makes it so special, this response is a testament to the people of Ayamonte”.
Not everyone got a chance to donate but no need to worry there is a special Ayamonte Sings show in the Cardenio Theatre on 18th Dec ( check out the events guide) and you can bring a donation along as they will be collecting at the door.

The Best Christmas Lottery Advert Yet


Christmas lottery advertisements in Spain are always something to talk about but this year I think they have really pulled it off and with a phrase like “ The biggest prize is sharing” in Spanish “El Mayor premio es compartirlo”. Christmas is about sharing. Have a look at the video below but here is the conversation for those of you who don't speak Spanish
Wife: Come on Manuel, Go down, you give him a hug and you come home.
Husband: It's just that for once that I don't buy one.
Wife: Well that’s it. You didn’t buy it, you didn’t buy it. End of story but you have to go down.
Manuel: Antonio!
Antonio: Manu!
Manuel: Congratulations Antonio.
Antonio: A drink?
Manuel: No, No I’ll have a coffee.
Antonio: A coffee, a coffee. Here you go that coffee.
Manuel: So what? After this you will close?
Antonio: No I am not going to close, not now that these are going to leave me some tips. Look at all those happy faces.
Crowd: we have won the lottery.
Manuel: Tell me what I owe you Antonio please.
Antonio: Twenty-one euros
Manuel: Twenty-one euros for a coffee.
Antonio: No, one euro for the coffee and twenty for this. (as he hands him a winning lottery ticket worth €400,000).


Mayor Officially Opens Esuri Golf


On Friday 10th October at 9.30 am the Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodriguez Castillo officially reopened Costa Esuri Golf West Course.
The back nine holes had been open for use earlier in September so coinciding  with the first Official golf tournament being played on the course since H2O Management Company took over the running of the course  all 18 holes were playable.
The Mayor welcomed  Javier Chaguaceda Ortega the director of H20 saying it was great news that a local company was taking over a course which is recognised by many as being the best course in the Huelva province. The Mayor also said that the golf course was an important part in attracting tourism to the area, adding diversity to Ayamonte’s offering to tourists. He also said it was an integral part of the Costa Esuri neighbourhood “With the four million euro investment from bank guarantees about to be started on Esuri, the course and the surroundings have a bright future".
The golf tournament was won by Carlos Ortega Amezaga from Bellavista golf club with a score of 40 with young gun John Hill coming second with a score of 38. Patricia Tanner was the first of the ladies with a score of 36 followed by Elaine Christine with 33.

Equestrian School La Cruz Opens In Ayamonte


The Youth Association La Cruz in Ayamonte who have been involved in the organization of Ayamonte horse fair in recent years and numerous different events involving horse riding in Ayamonte have opened Ayamonte’s first riding school.
The school which is located behind the Picadero restaurant on Calle Cuesta San Diego Nº29 will offer classes to all levels of riders from the age of five and up. The classes will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 21.00. The cost for an hour class every week for a month is only forty euro. Manuel Franco will give personalized classes on all the equestrian disciplines and how to take care of your horse.
The school also has plans to offer horse riding treks and excursions around the outskirts of Ayamonte for groups that request this service.
The Mayor of Ayamonte who officially opened the Riding School La Cruz on Saturday 20th September praised the Association for their hard work in preparing the installations for the opening and said “Now local riders who had to go to other towns to learn the traditional Andalusian dressage style can now do so in their home town”.
To book or reserve classes you can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0034 676753982

Hand Car Wash Opens In Ayamonte


New businesses opening up in Ayamonte is a great sign and it also gives work to local people. Two Costa Esuri Residents have just opened a Hand car wash and car valet service in Ayamonte next to the Quitapenas Restaurant.
John Honey and Fabian Garcia the owners of F1 Pitt stop are offering a basic car clean that’s inside and  out for just 10 euro. Having popped in to see them and wish them well, I thought they would be slow enough as they were just opening but the place was already doing a good trade. They can turn a car around in 20 minutes so gone are my days cleaning the bosses car. For those of you who don’t know me, the boss is my wife.
Anyway back to F1 Pitt Stop they do a great job and the car smells like new as they use quality cleaning products, so if like me you are in charge of cleaning your better half’s car as well as your own, pop down to these guys and then take the credit for shining up the car while you are having a coffee.
Best of luck to them all and their new crew and if you want to book your car in just call 0034 630621477.

Ayamonte Waterpark


With a recent press release from the Town Hall putting the date of the opening of the new waterpark in Ayamonte for 30th June 2015, I felt it was time I explained to all of you the exact location (see photo above) and a little more detail about the park itself.
You will have seen in the local papers the following. The cost of the development of the whole park is estimated at 10 million euros and it will create 171 jobs and it already has a pre-approved grant of 2.36 million euros from the Andalusian Innovation and Development Agency (Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA).
The land where the waterpark is to be built belongs to the Fundación Tejada de la Santa Caridad the same foundation that runs the senior residents home in Ayamonte. The sale of this plot to the Russian investor Sergey Atroshensko will be a huge boost to the foundations funds.
The coordinator of the whole project is Gonzalo Cano with his architectural studio in Ayamonte and thanks to Gonzalo for explaining the whole project.
1.    Octopus Lane: This will be a six lane twisty-turny slide located at the far left of the park as you enter.
2.    Torando Blast: Is a water slide that drops you into at large saucer like structure and spins you around finally dropping you into a centre pool. It is located in the top left hand corner of the park.
3.    Boomerang: A double boomerang shaped slide that brings you almost right back to where you started.
4.    Hydro-Magnetic rocket: I will just have to record a video of this one when it’s build, but magnets propels you forward in a rocket shaped vessel surrounded by water. I am betting this will be my nephews favourite.
5.    Dark Mammoth & Bubba Mammoth: Two serpentine water slides and you guessed it one is completely in the dark.
6.    Interactive Pool: This is a shallow pool with lots of rides and games for children.
7.    Pipe Line, Bullet Bowl and Topsy Turvy: A number of different water slides which I say will finally quieten my hyperactive nieces and nephews.
Of course there is a beach with a wave pool, right next to the beach bar and numerous restaurants and eateries dotted around the whole complex. Changing rooms and rest areas are also well distributed throughout the water park. Just outside the entereance there will be a large tiered car park with special areas for buses. All I can say is I am really looking forward to seeing the first sod being turned on this project which has been a long time in the pipeline.

Waterpark Plan


Esuri Golf Reopens


After weeks of longs days of hard work by the H2O green keepers the day has finally arrived for Costa Esuri river course to reopen. As of Monday 22nd of September the back nine holes will be open for golfers to enjoy.
Having met with Jaime Riestra the manager of Costa Esuri Golf course at the already open driving range, he took me on a tour of the back nine holes.  I am not a golfer myself but you can see the huge improvement to the greens and fairways. Jaime assured me that the condition that the course is in now is an improvement but in the coming weeks it will get closer to the standard they want.
The first rollup is this Monday at 10 and I know many resident golfers are itching to get back on this course. The second nine holes are to be opened for the beginning of October with the first Esuri Open to be held on October 10th.
The clubhouse will open soon with a Buffet being held on Saturday 27th September 13.00 at a cost of €12 per person. Interested parties can contact Jaime directly on +34 679491700.

Balcony Art in Ayamonte


July always brings surprises and this year it has to be the Balcony Art that has popped up all over the balconies in Ayamonte Town Centre. Thanks to the ever active art workshop La Escalera who last year brought art to the streets around the Casa Grande and was a huge success. Personally I think this is a great step and is helping people take notice of the beauty of Ayamonte streets and balconies.
A total of 29 artists are involved in Balconarte as it is called in Spanish.
Angel D´Esuri
Juan Vázquez
Pepe Gámez
José Garcés
Ángel Cabel
Javi Cástulo
Juan Galán
Arturo Puntas
Rosa Cabalga
María Rosa Gómez
Gema Cayuela
María Bella Mateos
Fátima Concepción
Bella Segovia
Andrés Moreno
Alberto Moreno
Benito Mateo
Karina Mueller
Manuel Feria “Carmelete”
Óscar Fábregas
Manuela Pelinor
María del Carmen Márquez Santana
María Dolores Luque Jiménez
Josefa Orta Leiva
Paqui Rangel Roldán
Francisco Javier Rodríguez
Francisco Javier Botello
Anselmo Correa

Make sure next time you take a stroll in Ayamonte don’t forget to look up and for those of you who are not lucky enough to be here during the month of July have a look at Toño Mèndez video below

Junta de Andalucia Backs Ayamonte Water Park


The Junta de Andalucia have approved this morning in a council meeting their support for the Ayamonte  Water park and funding of 2.36 million euros for the 8.77 million euro project.
The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo said that the people of Ayamonte can expect to see machinery on the plot of land where the water park is to be built before the end of the year.
The water park which is being developed by the Company Ayamonte Water Park SL will bring 81 new jobs to Ayamonte, 49 during the construction. The water park which will be located just behind the old Martinsa Fadesa showrooms is set on a plot of 97,760 square metres.
Having seen the project in full myself, I can safely say once it is built my days of driving down to the other end of the Algarve with my nieces and nephews are well and truly over.

Ayamonte V Tapa Route Unveiled


The fifth edition of Ayamonte Tapa route was presented today with 19 establishments offering you a unique tapa for only €1.50
The route which will run throughout the month of June was presented today Tuesday 27th May in the town hall by Mayor Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, the Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Local Development Damiana Ruiz and the President & secretary of the Ayamonte’s Association for small and medium sized businesses Miguel Antúnez & Carmen Bánez.
The map and card for the tapa route will be available from the tourism office , hotels and all the participating establishments which are spread throughout all of Ayamonte and Isla Canela.
The format is just like past editions whereby you can rate each tapa and then enter a draw for a weekend in an apartment for 4 people in Punta del Moral. This year Isla Canela tours are the main sponsors of the event
Here is the list of participants, the list of establishments is slightly smaller than last year which gives you a better chance to complete all in one month.

  • La Cocina de Lupe (Alborada)
  • Ayamar y Sierra
  • Tasca de tapas El Pupa
  • Bar Cortada
  • Bar Manué
  • Dkñas
  • Restaurante La Cueva
  • Cervecería Baluarte
  • Los Arcos
  • Restaurante La Casona
  • La V Comarca
  • Cafetería Bar Casino España
  • Parador de Turismo de Ayamonte
  • Restaurante Los Mellizos
  • Bar Ortiz Estación
  • Mesón Plumas
  • Restaurante Casa Barberi
  • El Tocuyo
  • Chiringuito Bombadill

Three Blue Flags for Ayamonte


Ayamonte has been awarded three blue flags for 2014, one for Punta del Moral Beach on Isla Canela, and the two for Ayamonte Marina and Isla Canela Marina.
Andalucia has been awarded 98 blue flags (81 for beaches and 17 Marinas) this year which is two more than in 2013.
Beaches are awarded the Blue Flag based on compliance with 32 criteria covering the following:
1) Environmental Education and Information
2) Water Quality
3) Environmental Management
4) Safety and Services

All Blue Flags are awarded for one season at a time.
If the criteria are not fulfilled during the season or the conditions change, the Blue Flag may be withdrawn.
Marinas are awarded the Blue Flag based on compliance with 24 criteria covering the four categories outlined above.
Huelva as a province was awarded 12 flags in total with Ayamonte holding a quarter of all flags.

New Venture Opens On Isla Canela


Just in time for Easter week, Bicilandia has opened on the roundabout of Isla Canela in Punta Moral.  A young Dutch couple Frans and Marcha with their three children have opened a café activity centre where you can hire bikes, chill out drinking a coffee or take a kayak out for a couple of hours along the beach or the marismas tides permitting.
The business which officially opened Saturday 13th April will be offering special guided tours in kayak through the Marismas throughout the year.

Mundialito Returns To Ayamonte


For seventh consecutive year the Mundalito returns to Ayamonte and Vila Real de Santo António. The tournament is open to all clubs that are affiliated to an association or federation associated with FIFA. There are four different categories, children born 2002/3, 2004/5, 2006/7 and finally 2008.

In the categories (2002-2003) and (2004-2005) teams are divided into groups of five or six teams.
In the categories (2006-2007) teams will be divided into groups of four or five teams.
In the category 2008, all groups will be formed by four teams.

The first phase will run in "league" system. The two best will remain classified for "GOLD TOURNAMENT", and the following for "SILVER TOURNAMENT". The rest of the teams will play for "BRONZE TOURNAMENT" and "FAIR PLAY".
The tournament will be played from 12th -19th April in nine different stadiums two of which are in Ayamonte: Estadio Ciudad de Ayamonte and Blas Infante. A total of 4,000 children will take part in this year’s tournament, 54 different nationalities and 200 football teams, playing over 750 matches. For full details on the matches please follow this link

Eurocity Discount Agreements Signed


One of the main objectives of the Eurocity, which comprises of Ayamonte, Villareal de Santo Antonio and Castro Marim, is to improve the use and share the infrastructure already present to maximise the quality of life for both resident and tourists alike. Health and wellness play a major role in that objective and now via the Eurocity card discounts of 10 per cent or more are being made available.
Today seven companies  in Ayamonte signed up to the agreement.

  • Médico Dental Ayamonte
  • Clínica Dental Francisco Domínguez García
  • Centro Médico Atlántico
  • Osteovida-”Osteopatía, Quiromasaje, Reflexología Podal”
  • Alberto Franco Ortíz- Physiotherapist.
  • Centro Dental Guadiana- María Lourdes Galán Martín
  • Clínica Fisiosalud.

Another seven more will sign up very soon and they are :

  • Clínica Podológica Podium
  • Carmen Esteban Ponce-Foot doctor
  • Leandro Romero Esteban-Dentist
  • María Isabel Fernández- GP
  • Gemma Espaliu Venegas-Naturopatía y Kinesiología
  • María Lourdes Pajares Ruiz-Psychologist
  • Salomé Romero Prieto-Dentist

Ayamonte Joins The Humana Recycling Network

Ayamonte now have eight clothing & footwear containers to collect second hand clothes. The containers which are provided by Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo are located in the following streets:

1-    C/Travesía de los Estudiantes, near Primary school Rodrigo de Xerez.
2-    C/Cantabria.
3-    C/Villablanca, esquina con C/Málaga, neside primary school Moreno y Chacón.
4-    Avda. Ramón y Cajal, beside primary school Padre Jesús.
5-    Avda. de la Palmera, Barriada Punta del Moral, primary school Nuestra Señora del Carmen.
6-    Pozo del Camino, beside primary school La Higuerita.
7-    C/Extremadura, beside the row of other bins.
8-    Avda. de la Constitución, urbanización Huerta Primera.

Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo is a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGO) that, since 1987, has carried out cooperation projects in various countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and Asia. The projects' common goals are to promote training, education, and the development of the beneficiary communities. To support these projects, Humana collects, sorts, distributes, and sells unwanted clothing. Through this work, they fund their projects while protecting the environment.
To see what Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo do with the clothes from these bins follow this link

Esuri Drama Society Is Born


Last night saw the inaugural performance of the Costa Esuri Dramatic Society. They presented a Murder Mystery to an audience of 70 and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

The producer/director was Kathy Matthews and the cast was made up by local residents David Matthews, Eamonn Kerr, Karla Furlong, Janet Price, Kim Turner and Mike Collins. Behind the scenes were Chrissy Dawson, Josie Reed and myself.

It was a 2 act play entitled 'Murder Before Midnight' and the audience were asked to note down the clues and then deduce who the murderer was. They also had a Murder/Mystery related quiz to answer at the interval whilst enjoying a 'ploughmans' supper. Prizes were then awarded to the winners of both.

The reaction from the audience was amazing and it seems everyone is looking forward to their next venture which may have to find a bigger venue.

Sadly it was a bit late for 'Oscar' nominations but there is always next year.

Esuri Residents Meet Mayor

Last Thursday 20th February an informal meeting was held in Ayamonte town hall between the Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodriguez Castillo and a number of residents on Costa Esuri. The main point of discussion to find out how and when the monies attained from bank guarantees would be used and who would govern how these monies would be used.
The Mayor first wanted to clarify exactly what monies had been attained from the bank guarantees. Four million euros are already being held in a bank account for use solely on the Costa Esuri urbanisation.
A further 1.7 million euros is being claimed on a bank guarantee held with Novacaixa Galicia. This bank is slow in releasing the monies and the Mayor also stated that although they have been actively demanding the money from Novacaixa Galicia for some time they have taken a more serious legal stance (judicial action) with the bank in the last 15-20 days.
One of the key points raised from the meeting was to find out when works would begin on repair of roads etc on Costa Esuri and if the residents would have any say on how this money would be spent.
The Mayor explained that the timeframe was dependant on when they could get the last outstanding monies from Novacaixa Galicia as all repair works would be tendered together. As for who decides what the monies would be spent on, the Mayor clarified that it would not be the EUC or resident but competence of the Ayamonte Town Hall Technical Department on how monies would be spent. Ayamonte Town Hall Technical department have already written up a report on what repairs will be done.
There were a number of other questions fielded from the people present, myself included and to ensure most was understood, Amparo Lalinde acted at the translator for the non-Spanish people present while Philip Johnson acted as spokesperson.
Below are some of the questions fielded by people present at the meeting and answers. A full report on the meeting is being complied in both Spanish and English and will be sent out to the various resident communities on Costa Esuri in the coming days. (Download Report in Pdf)
•    The safety of the fencing around the hotel and commercial centre was questioned as was the cranes which have been stationary for a number of years. Asked if some of the monies could be used to resolve this problem, the Mayor again clarified that all of the monies which have been attained for Costa Esuri via bank guarantees would go on infrastructures and could not be used for this purpose as it is a private plot. He did say that he would check into the licences to see if there was retention on the promoter of these plots that could be used to remedy the situation.
•    The problem of sporadic delivery of post on some parts of Costa Esuri. The Mayor said he would speak to Correo about it but urged any residents who are having delivery with post to report it to the Postmaster in Ayamonte.
•    Access to landline broadband on the whole of Costa Esuri. The Mayor admitted that there was enormous difficultly in speaking to the relevant parties and has had the same problem for years in Punta de Moral. Miguel Paredes one of the Spanish residents present at the meeting offered to mediate on the matter.
•    Cement trucks driving within the urbanisation. The Mayor said there was already a dedicated route and timetable that heavy vehicles were obliged to use when entering Costa Esuri and urged any resident who saw inappropriate use to call the local police and report the matter.
•    A bus service. The Mayor said that the current contracts for bus routes in the Ayamonte area still have approximately 12 months to run and that after that period a route from Esuri to Ayamonte could be looked at.
•    Possibility of opening up a direct line of communication with the Town Hall. The Mayor said that he regarded Ayamonte as another neighbourhood of Ayamonte and both Philip’s and Amparo’s e-mail addresses were given to the Mayor for future communications.

Carnival Poster Unveiled

The poster for 2014 Carnival has been unveiled; the painting used in the poster is by local artist Manuel Feria “Carmelete” The painting represents Carnival set in Paseo Ribera and Plaza de la Coronacion.
Manuel Feria said it took him about two months to paint. He also spoke about how he started out painting on the pieces of cardboard his mother used to bring home from the market and how his notebook in school were covered with his drawings. In only in recent years that he has returned to painting and he is delighted to be able to paint the poster for 2014 Carnival.

Isla Canela Give Young Entrepreneurs A Helping Hand


Nine shops or offices are up for grabs near Isla Canela Marina in a competition promoted by Isla Canela S.A.
The competition called “I Concurso de ideas y Proyectos para jóvenes emprendedores en el sector turístico de Isla Canela”(First Competition of Ideas and Projects for Young entrepreneurs in the Tourism sector Isla Canela) is directed towards young entrepreneurs and business people who want to get involved in the tourism sector.  Applicants must be under forty and the winning projects or ideas will get an office space at Marina Isla Canela.
Kotska Horno, the Director of Isla Canela Golf Course and Hotel, explained the conditions that the winning applicants will get. “First year is rent free, year two is 75% off, year three is 50% off and from the fourth year onwards they will have similar rent to the rest of the businesses in Marina Isla Canela shopping centre”.

Local Restaurant Donates Over Two Thousand Euros To Cancer Charity


A charity dinner and raffle held in El Limonero Restaurant last December has raised €2,022 for Cancer Charities.
Andrea Coning owner of El Limonero Restaurant with her husband Gavin organised a special dinner with various raffles and events with all the donations going towards two Cancer Charities. The money was divided equally between a UK Cancer Charity and the Local Spanish Charity(AECC) organisation which has opened a new office on Calle Galdames.
Today (Tuesday 21st January), Andrea Coning and her son Elliot presented a cheque for €1,011 Ana Guzman and Manoli Carro from AEEC Ayamonte. The Mayor of Ayamonte congratulated Andrea for all her work and also said “it is great to see so many resident English people and Ayamontinos alike, turning out to support such a worthy cause”.
Ana Guzman President of AECC Ayamonte also thanked all the people at La Lotita and El Limonero for their generosity and said that the association was honoured to have such great support for the events the association is involved with.

28 Million Investment In 18 Months


The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, presented today in a press conference held in the Town Hall 13 projects which will be carried out over the next 18 months and will see an investment of over 28 million euro.
The majority of this investment will come from the private sector (20 million) while the remaining 8 million is from public sector funding with the Town Hall only having to finance €186.244 of this amount. That’s just under 2.3% of all the public sector spending.
Please see table below to see projects






Date of works

Water Park

Costa Esuri

In the coming days the final administrative step will be published in the Andalusian Councils official bulletin. Paving the way for works to start.


Investment of 7-10 million euros

During 2014 to open in Spring 2015


The bank guarantees are going to be demanded in the coming weeks and the money will be used to improve, roads, Green áreas and the water treatment.


5 million euros

Starting first quarter of 2014

Road to Punta del Moral

File has been opened for cumpulsory purchase of land needed to widen road and period set of 46 months


5 million euros

Start after summer season 2014


Refurbishment of the Centre

Department of Education from the Andalusian Council

2 million euros

Summer 2014


Air conditioning

Department of Education from the Andalusian Council

100,000 euros

Summer 2014

Reconditioning Ferry Dock

Reconditioning Ferry Dock area for passengers

Andalucian Council Ministry for Works

1.5 million euros

Already started

Ribera de Gudiana Park & Promenade in Punta del   Moral

Recover the area along the Banks of the river and wooden promenades in Caño de la Moharra. Project for tender this month

Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadiana

Ayamonte town hall, Huelva Provincial council & Guadiana Hydrographical confederation

2 million euros of which the town hall is responsible for 5 per cent

During 2014 and into 2015

New Tourism Office & Canela Mirador

At tender

Huelva Provincial Council

350,000 euros

Spring 2014

Extension to Official School of Languages

Two new classrooms

Ayamonte Town Hall

86,244 euros, 50,000 from the Official School of Languages

First half of 2014 and open for school year2014/2015

Repair of CAMINO DE LA PUENTE & Restoration of Roman Bridge

Over 7.3 km of roads to be repaired and Restoration of Roman Bridge

Huelva Provincial Council


Spring 2014

Water deposit

Completion of Works in front of Dia supermarket

Andalucian Council Ministry for Enviroment

700,000 euros

At tender


Adapt the Casa Grande into Ayamonte’s History Museum

Huelva Provincial Council

1 million euros

First half of 2015


To open in La Plaza shopping centre



In Project stage


Business Development & Support Centre Opened


Ayamonte now has a special centre which offers Support to entrepreneurs and local businesses with the main objective to stimulate economic activity and generate employment.
The Centre called CADE (Centro de Apoyo al Desarrollo Empresarial) is located on Calle Luis Braile. Three companies (Transyou Sl, Easy Project Solutions SL, & Natural Project Huelva Costa) and one self-employed individual (Antonio Jose Capacete) have already signed up for support and will use the centre to grow their business.
The centre which was inaugurated on Friday 27th December, by Eduardo Manuel Muñoz García Huelva’s delegate for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, with Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, cost 340,851 euros. The Centre has a meeting room, a technical assessment room and six different offices for companies. Five of these offices have already been taken and six different companies have already started to work thanks to the CADE and they have created 9 jobs between them and 120,000 euros in billing in the first month.

Electricity Rates Hike in 2014


New Year, new increase in cost of electricity, the story may be old but it is now becoming a serious problem as over the last 10 years the cost of electricity in the average home has soared by 78 per cent. The most worrying part of these increases is that we are seeing an average increase of 10 percent per annum since 2008.
The cost of electricity is set by the value the energy is sold at auction and the last auction which was held on December 19th and saw an increase in price of 11 per cent on previous auction price. Luckily for the consumer the government coming under pressure intervened and declared the auction void and the increase to be set at 2.3%
The rise for January is 2.3 percent for the majority of consumers who are on the TUR rate of billing which accounts for over 16 million homes throughout Spain. The average household uses 366kw of electricity at a potential of 4.4kw meaning the average bill will increase by two euros per month but more increases are expected to follow during the year.
Facua the Spanish Consumers in Action Association asked people to switch off their electricity on December 30th from 7pm to 8pm as a protest to the continual rise in electricity rates and highlighted

10 reasons why you should switch off the power.

  1. The government promised that the liberalising the electric sector would lower rates, they lied.
  2. We pay the electrical companies 6,000 million euros for the cost of the move of responsibility from government to private sector a cost that shouldn’t exist.
  3. The average electric bill has increased by over 78% in just 10 years.
  4. The auctions for power where they set the rates are not transparent.
  5. Because the electric companies are earning too much, in 2012 declared profits Iberdrola €2,841 million, Endesa  €2,034 million and Gas Natural Fenosa  €1,441 million.
  6. The last few governments have not upheld the directive to guarantee reasonable rates.
  7. The government doesn’t fix the rates according to real cost, the electric companies keep this secret.
  8. Presidents and minsters who were involved in the privatisation of this sector have positions and salaries from these companies.
  9. A necessity like electricity shouldn’t be object of a speculative auction.
  10. The government are allowing electricity to cut off from families who can’t afford to pay for it.

Ayamonte Soup Kitchen Opens

The Virgen de Las Angustias Soup Kitchen opened this week in Ayamonte and has places to feed up to 50 people at a time.
The Kitchen, which is being run by Saint Vincent de Paul, has a single goal to provide a three course meal to the most needy families in Ayamonte. St Vincent de Paul is well known to many people in Ayamonte and the work they do collecting food stuffs to redistribute them to the less fortunate families in Ayamonte.
Numerous local businesses are donating foodstuffs for this soup kitchen and there are numerous volunteers cooking up the meals every day. This weekend there is a Charity football match on in Ayamonte football stadium (11.30 Friday 6th), Any food donations will go towards stocking the kitchen, please support.

Over 50 Events In Ayamonte Over Christmas

The Christmas events calendar was presented today Tuesday 3rd December in Ayamonte Town Hall by Mayor Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, The President of Small and Medium Sized Companies (PYME) Miguel Antúnez and the Deputy Mayor for Culture Francisco Blázquez.
The Mayor wanted to point out before he elaborated on the events calendar that it was thanks to local companies and people that in times of crisis Ayamonte could have such a packed calendar of colourful events. He also encouraged people to buy locally and support local businesses as during this period of increased volume consumerism what better way to support your town than by buying off local traders.
In order to encourage shopping in Ayamonte, the town have reached an agreement with the local parking meter company to reduce all tariffs by 50 percent and this will start tomorrow December 4th and continue until January 7th.
The Christmas lights will be switched on Thursday 5th December and that evening at 20.00 the nativity scene by the youth association “El Sola” will be opened to the public in La Plaza Shopping centre. A craft fair will run in La Plaza Ribera from Dec 4th –Jan 6th.
The Route of the Nativity scenes returns this year and will be open from December 8th to January 7th. Every Friday from now until January 3rd from 5-6pm there will be free Churros in La Plaza Laguna.
The Kings Parade will take place on December 5th starting at 16.30 and this year Isla Canela have sponsored all the sweets which will be thrown out to the public (over €12,000 worth).
A special mention was given to the XVIII Turkey race which takes place again this year on Costa Esuri Golf course on Saturday 21st December starting at 11am. The Mayor invited both athletes and spectators to the event which in his words “This cross-country race is among the best in Spain in terms of countryside and views along the Guadiana River and the public who attend give it a very special feel”.
A full list of events will be published later in the events guide.

Doll Museum To Open in Ayamonte

Ayamonte Town Hall has signed an agreement with Francisco Pérez Solleiro and Teresa Martín, owners of one of the biggest collections of antique dolls in Spain, to open a Doll Museum.
In the agreement, the Town Hall will transfer the use of a property on Calle San Pedro (Close to the Casa Grande) for use as a Doll Museum while Francisco Pérez Solleiro and Teresa Martín will ensure that the museum is open between 10-15 hours a week and that the collection of dolls stays in Ayamonte until 2018.
Francisco Blasquez the Deputy Mayor of Culture in Ayamonte thanked both Francisco Pérez and Teresa Martín for allowing this collection to be exhibited in Ayamonte and said “A collection of this type is a great addition to tourism in this area”.
The collection has dolls dating back to 1750’s and from all around the world that are made from all types of materials from wax, paper mâche to porcelain.
See website in Spanish

The Fat One For Christmas

Only at Christmas does everyone want the fat one and no, we are not talking about a pig or a turkey. We are talking about the biggest lottery in the world, El Gordo, which started in Spain in 1812.

On the morning of December 22, the draw for the Christmas lottery starts and if you get all five numbers correct you win 400,000 euros. There are 13,334 prizes in total, with prize money ranging from 300,000 euros down to 200 euros for the ticket (decímo). The draw itself lasts nearly three hours.
A whole ticket, or billete as it is known in Spanish, will set you back 200 euros and each ticket is broken down into 10 parts, or décimos, which can be sold individually. El Gordo is a tradition in Spain and family, friends, bars and restaurants tend to play the same number every year. There are 85,000 numbers, going from 00000 to 84999 and each number has 195 series so if all the series of the winning number are sold, it’s a windfall of 58.5 million euros to that area.

Of course every number has the same chance but many people believe that the higher the number the better as the weight of the paint on the tiny ball will bring it to the bottom. This theory is unfounded as the numbers are engraved on each ball by laser and every ball is weighted so it is exactly the same. El Gordo goes on sale in July and some people will travel hundreds of kilometres in search of their number.

For those of you going to buy a décimo, tickets ending in the number five have won the most prizes.
Local charities and various non-profitable organisations use the Christmas lottery to collect money. Basically they sell the lottery tickets at an increased value of say 23 euros per décimo, those three extra euros go to their charity. This year I have bought the décimo that goes towards the children in the Sahara desert, so folks if 13882 comes up I will be happy and if it doesn’t I will be happy to have donated a couple of euros to a worthy cause.

Guadiana 10 Mile Race Success

Eight hundred people took part in last Sundays (November 10th) Guadiana ten mile race which this year started in Portugal and finished in Ayamonte.
The race in its 22nd edition attracted athletes from all over Spain, Portugal and UK. For the first time in 17 years the race was won by a Spaniard, Beltrán Méndez from San Juan Rainbow Athletic club in a time of 55:42 followed closely by Manuel Ferraz from Manvia-runners in Portugal (55:56) and third was Paulo Soares from Sao Joao (57:26).
The winner of the women’s category was Vera Fernandes in a time of 01:06:21 for Club Vela Vista de Lagoa, second was Clare Elms in 01:06:42 from Dulwich Road runners and third was Patricia Serafim in a time of 01:07:30.

Food Bank Collection Success

Last Sunday 20th October St Vincent de Paul had a stand in the Paseo de Ribera to collect food for the most needy families in Ayamonte. Coinciding with the Health week finale in the Paseo, hundreds of people turned out and donated various food stuffs to this worthy charity.
At 13.00 that same day huge paella was served in the Paseo and the bicycle circuit with over 400 participants finished there route around Ayamonte cycle lanes in the same square. The weather held out for the day.
The St Vincent de Paul would like to thank everyone who took part for their generosity and solidarity.

Spain Reclaim Costa Esuri Challenge Trophy

Spain claimed a narrow victory over the UK & Irish golfing team on Costa Esuri last weekend to reclaim the Costa Esuri Challenge Trophy which was won last year by the UK & Ireland golfers.
After a glorious weekend of golf, it all came down to half point after the 24 matches played over the two days. Spain won 12.5 point to 11.5 points.
The event which was well organised, brought an extra bit of colour to the Costa Esuri 18 hole west golf course with both Spanish and British flags flying high. The captain of the UK & Ireland team Mike Collins congratulated his Spanish counterpart Javier Perez on the win but promised to be ready to claim the trophy back next year.
UK & Ireland Team: Mike Collins (Capt), Chris Bloore, Malcolm Maxwell, Chris Ash, Michael Bailey, Colin Shotton, Keith Butler, Barry Partner, Eamonn Kerr, Bert Carroll, Phil Johnson, Geroge Huntley, Karla Furlong, Dave Matthews, Liam Murray, Janet Price.
Spanish Team: Javier Pérez (Capt), Juan Jesús Toscano, Juanjo Hernández, Joaquín Muñoz, Fran Muñoz, Pepe Passage, Chris Truter, Luis García, Marina Fernández, Paco Pérez, Manuel Ruiz, Miguel Paredes, Ruth Fernández, Juan Manuel Moreno, Juanjo Alonso, Belén Sanmartín

Twenty-Two Jobs lost at Acuinova Ayamonte

The bad news has been officially announced with all of the workers of the Acuinova fish farm located close to Costa Esuri to lose their jobs. The workers who were owed salary payments from July continued to work in August and September hoping that salvation would arrive in one form or another. These hopes were dashed when the company announced closure of the plant this week.
The fish farm which produced prawns is a branch of the debt stricken company Pescanova which is currently in protective administration with estimated debts of €3,281 million euros.

Art Takes To Ayamonte Streets

For the first time in Ayamonte on Saturday 17th August 45 different artists will be displaying their art on the streets of Ayamonte.
From 20.00 on Saturday on streets which radiate from the Casa Grande will have works of art for the general public to view. The streets where art will be on display are Casa Grande Calle Huelva, Plaza Virgen del Rosario, Calle Juan de Zamora, Calle Huelva,  Calle Rodrigo de Xerez, Calle San Antonio and Chapel San Antonio.
Here is a full list of the artists ivolved in this first edition of " Un Paseo por el Arte" A walk in art:
•    Manuel Feria “Carmelete”
•    Pepe Chalé
•    María Bella Mateos
•    Gema Cayuela
•    Rafael Gómez
•    José Antúnez
•    Salvador Antúnez
•    Adelaida Pérez
•    Virginia Saldaña
•    José María Castizo
•    Overli
•    Bella Segovia
•    Manuel Rodríguez
•    Francisco Javier Rodríguez
•    Alberto Moreno
•    Andrés Moreno
•    Alex
•    Manuel Moreno Morales “emes”
•    Galán
•    Javi Castulo
•    Pablo Lanuza
•    Benito Mateo
•    Fran Núñez
•    Dani Franco
•    Oscar Fábregas
•    Botello
•    Ángel D´Esury
•    Rafael Rasco
•    Ana Feu
•    Ángel Cabel
•    Giráldez
•    José Xavier Morato
•    María José Virella
•    Juan Vázquez
•    Pepe Garcés
•    Paquita Martín “Canela”
•    Germa Márquez
•    José Reyes Castizo
•    Arturo Puntas
•    Ateneo de Ayamonte
•    Rosa Cabalga
•    María Rosa Gómez
•    Manuel Martínez Guillén
•    Ela Borrego
•    Emilio Borrego
•    María del Carmen Arroyo
•    Emilia Rasco
•    Charo Cala

Campaign For Environmental Volunteers

The PSOE party in Ayamonte has launched a campaign to clean up the beach, marshlands and river Banks of the non-biodegradable materials.
Marta Navarro,the local coordinator for PSOE in Ayamonte presented the campaign today which the main objective is to reduce the amount of solid residues in our national parks and along our coast.
The first meeting of volunteers is this Saturday 27th July at 9.30 am in Punta del Moral and on Isla Canela Beach. Each volunteer will be given a special t-shirt, gloves and baseball cap along with bags and all the other equipment needed to collect the rubbish.
Marta Navarro said that although the organisers of the event were the PSOE party that everyone is welcome and over 50 people have alreay signedup to help out.
For more information you can go to the party headquarters in Calle Cristóbal Colón, nº 26 izquierda, Tel: 959041187 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

La Casona Wins Tapa Of The Year Competition

The fourth Tapa Route of Ayamonte which came to a close at the end of June has awarded the best Tapa to La Casona after the public voted the tapa of “Maravilla de solomillo y patatas” as the best tapa on the route of 27 establishments.
The deputy Mayor for Tourism and Local development Damiana Ruiz congratulated La Casona on winning and also announce that the Route of the Tapa will return next year in June 2014 with the fifth edition and will remain a permanent feature on the Ayamonte events calendar.
The winner of the draw for a night B&B in the Isla Canela Golf Hotel was Isabel Alfonso López.

Mysterious Dead Fish


Since last Sunday evening hundreds of dead fish have been washed up on Isla Canela beach and the banks of the Guadiana River in Ayamonte. The authorities were notified and samples of water and specimens taken.
The results have shown that the water in both the river and the beaches on Isla Canela are in perfect condition for bathing. The dead fish are all from the same species part of the Mullet genus known locally as Lizas.
The Junta de Andalucía which took water samples the Thursday previous to the incident and last Monday feel that as it was only one species that was affected that the most logical hypnosis is that a bank of these fish got caught in a pool further up the river and ran out of oxygen.
The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodriguez Castillo confirmed that the water was in perfect condition and he was in constant contact with the Junta de Andalucía and the Delegate for Health, Lourdes Martin. A full report of the analysis of the dead fish is expected to be published by the end of the week.

New Grass


Ayamonte football pitch is currently being resurfaced with artificial grass of a height of 50mm and density of 12.000 decitex (so that’s 12,000 stitches in one metre).
The artificial grass which is the latest generation of this type of surface will come as a welcome change to the much criticized and harder previous surface which was installed in 2006. A total of 7,334 square metres will be laid at a cost of €54,280 which is funded by the Active Tourism fund.
Javier López the councillor for services in Ayamonte town hall welcomed the change and said “It will see an end to the surface problem in the Ciudad de Ayamonte stadium which was persistent over the last two years.”.

Summer Light 2013


For the first time this summer Ayamonte will hold a fair called “Luz de Verano 2013” Summer Light 2013. From Saturday 15th June until September 1st the fair will be held in the Paseo de la Ribera in the centre of Ayamonte.
The idea behind the fair is to promote handmade and homemade local products while at the same time offering various activities like nights of flamenco, storytelling and even a parade of vintage cars.
The fair which is promoted by the Association “Union Activa and backed by the local town hall will have more than 30 stalls. The President of the Association, Javier Fernándéz Cantón, said now is the time to do something and to be present on the streets of Ayamonte, showing the people what products we have to offer.
The fair will be inaugurated this Saturday at 19.00 in the Paseo de la Ribera, Ayamonte.

Such A Nice Gesture


Everybody talks about the crisis and I can’t remember a day when someone hasn’t said something to me about the economic downturn. Lucky for me I am kept busy and haven’t had any real downtime, of course I am working harder for less but I am working, I count myself lucky. I know people who haven’t worked for two to three years and are good workers but there simply isn’t enough work out there for everyone.
A lot of these people have families and mortgages and they have fallen back on their parents who are retired (pensioners) just to put bread on the table. Some things can only stretch so far and that is why people like St Vincent de Paul, Caritas and Red Cross do an exceptional job helping out these needy families. We are not talking about scroungers here we are talking about genuine people who have fallen on hard times.
Now the reason I am telling you this story is because last week one of my Irish clients who wants to remain nameless asked me how the crisis was hitting Ayamonte and rather than just taking it all in, he turned around to me and asked me how he could help out some of these families.
The photo you see at the top of this article is the foodstuffs I bought today in Ayamonte in the name of my client and handed over to St Vincent de Paul. Olive oil, milk, shampoo, bleach, washing powder, orange juice, floor cleaner you name it we packed the trolleys. It’s just gone 7pm and the stuff is already on its way to those who need it.
Thank you for letting me be a part of this gesture, Thanks from St Vincent de Paul and thanks on behalf of the families. You made my month.
Now for those of you who are in Ayamonte this weekend you can donate some foodstuffs at the entrance to Mercadona, it’s a worthy cause and a kilo of sugar or rice is all they need.

Town Hall Helps Co-op


Ayamonte town hall has signed over part of the installations known locally as “La Caseta” to the St Vincent de Paul so they can set up a Co-op community kitchen to help families who have been severely hit by the current economic crisis.
The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo praised the work of the Co-op which has been helping families in Ayamonte for the last two years. “It is great that people get involved with the Co-op giving up their time and offering their services unselfishly for the good of those who have fallen on harder times”.
The President of the Co-op Norberto Rivero thanked the town hall and said this would pave the way to the opening of a community kitchen. Currently 14 people work actively in the Co-op with a number of members also helping out when they hold special events.

Ayamonte IV Tapa Route Presented


The fourth edition of Ayamonte Tapa route was presented yesterday with an extra 11 establishments joining in to bring the route to a total of 27 establishments where you can try a unique tapa for only €1.50
The route which will run throughout the month of June was presented yesterday Monday 21st May in the town hall by Mayor Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, the Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Local Development Damiana Ruiz and the President of the Ayamonte’s Association for small and medium sized businesses Miguel Antúnez.
The map and card for the tapa route will be available from the tourism office , hotels and all the participating establishments which are spread throughout all of Ayamonte and Isla Canela.
The format is just like past editions whereby you can rate each tapa and then enter a draw for a night B&B in the Isla Canela Golf Hotel. This year the two main sponsors of the event are the Puerta Ancha and Isla Canela Golf Hotel:
Here is the list of participants, just a little under a tapa for everyday for the whole of June. Sounds good to me
•    Casa Alborada
•    Bar Cortada
•    El Baluarte
•    Restaurante La Casona
•    Brasería El Ferry
•    La Vinoteca de Ayamonte
•    Taberna el Puerto
•    La Serranía de Jabugo
•    Mesón Juan Macías
•    Restaurante Casa Barberi
•    Taberna El Callejón de los Plumas
•    Parador de Turismo de Ayamonte
•    Restaurante Los Mellizos
•    Bar Ortiz
•    Bar El Barrio
•    Bar El Corsario
•    Restaurante Thebussem
•    Espuma del Mar de Canela
•    Restaurante Abreu
•    Restaurante El Rincón
•    Bar Cafetería Alborán
•    Cervecería Cayuelitas
•    Cervecería Dkñas
•    Chiringuito Antonio V
•    Chiringuito La Sonrisa
•    Restaurante Minutero
•    Restaurante La Carpa

Ayamonte Gets €300,000 in European Funding


Ayamonte will receive over €300,000 from the POCTEP (Program for Cross border Cooperation Spain & Portugal) European Fund for the projects presented by the Sports council (Patronato Municipal de Deportes) and Municipal urban land company (TUASA).
The money has been earmarked for the following projects:

  • Replacement of artificial grass in Ayamonte football stadium: The current grass is in need of repair and it will be replaced by the latest generation of artificial grass to a height of 50mm. Estimated cost €54,280.
  • Building of a Jetty: the building of a jetty in Ayamonte town so canoes & small sailing boats can access the water both easily and safely. The location of this jetty will be decided at a point where there are parking facilities and easy access to the water. Estimated cost €43,679.
  • Exercise equipment Parks: In various green areas around the town different exercise equipment will be set up for both children and older people to exercise. Each park will have 12 different apparatus. Estimated cost €29,997
  • Resurfacing of Antonio Carro sports grounds: The grounds are to be resurfaced with blue rubber “Prialpas”. Giving the tennis courts, basketball and volleyball courts a new lease of life.Estimated cost €94,995
  • Repair of the roof of the sports complex in Punta de Moral. Estimated cost € 28,525.

Another €30,000 will be spent on the beaches for some much needed equipment.
The Mayor of Ayamonte welcomed this investment¸ Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, and praised the work of the Sports council (Patronato Municipal de Deportes) and Municipal urban land company (TUASA) in securing this investment.

Ayamonte Town Hall Awards Contract To Imtech


Ayamonte Town Hall announced yesterday May 17th that they have awarded the contract for the management and exploitation of the street lighting in Ayamonte for the next 10 years.
Imtech Spain are a company that are known for their work in electrical engineering in both building and industry and have over 16 branches throughout Spain employing over 2000 people.
The Town hall has to adhere to a new law of energy efficiency whereby every municipality in Spain is obliged to reduce their energy consumption by at least 25 %. The Law with was first published by the ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism in 2008 includes a revision in December 2012 to include exact specifications for street lighting.
Imtech will be responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement and renovation of the street lighting in Ayamonte and the company had already outlined the installation of Led lighting as one of their main objectives.
It is expected that with these changes Ayamonte will reduce their electricity bill by up to 45% coupled with a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to what 350 diesel engines produce in a year.

Castro Marim Joins Eurocity


Castro Marim has united with Ayamonte and Vila Real de Santo Antonio under the banner of a single Eurocity.
The three municipalities signed a protocol in Castro Marim on Thursday May 9th whereby Ayamonte Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo Antonio will work together to revitalize the local economy and tourism.
At the signing ceremony were David Santos the President of the Euro region Andalucía Algarve Alentejo, Antonio Leitao Amaro State secretary for local administration, José Fiscal López delegate from the Junta de Andalucia, Antonio Rodríguez Castillo Mayor of Ayamonte, Luís Gomes President of the Chamber of Commerce for Vila Real de Santo Antonio and José Estevens President of the Chamber of Commerce for Castro Marim.
The new Eurocity will essentially cover the lower part of the Guadiana river in both Spain and Portugal covering over 30 kilometres. The idea of the Eurocity is to increase the cooperation between the three towns in terms of economic, social, cultural and environmental projects.

New Five Euro Banknote


The first in a series of changes in the euro banknotes has started to circulate. The new five euro note started circulation on May 2nd.
The banknote which can be seen above has a number of changes and although I haven’t had one in my hands yet, I feel the most important for users will be the firm and crisp paper as I think the paper used in the first five euro banknote was poor compared to the bigger notes.
Here is a list of the defining features on the new five euro note:

  1. The paper is crisp and firm
  2. There is raised printing with short raised lines on the left and right edges, the main image and the lettering and the large value numeral, making it easier to identify for the visually impaired.
  3. A portrait watermark Europa a figure from Greek mythology.
  4. A portrait hologram Europa with the value on the silvery stripe.

The portrait of Europa was taken from a vase which is in the Louvre in Paris, the vase itself was found in Italy and is over 2,000 years old.

Melia Hotel Group Open Hotel


Melia Hotel & Resorts group have opened their first hotel in the Huelva province on Isla Canela. The Melia hotel chain has over 350 establishments around the world but the newly named Meliá Atlántico Isla Canela is their only hotel in Huelva.
The hotel which was built in 2000 and renovated for the opening has 358 rooms (5 suites), more than 10,000 m2 of gardens, two exterior pools and one interior pool, spa & beauty salon, padel and tennis courts and a gym.
The hotel which was formerly known as the Riu Atlántico opened on the May 1st and has taken on the majority of the workforce that worked in the Riu hotel. It is a huge boost to the local economy with 110 jobs being created and another 45-50 jobs to be created during high season.

Swimming Closed For Three Days


Ayamonte Town Hall has closed the beaches of Isla Canela and Punta de Moral to swimming for the next three days. The appearance of the Portuguese man o´war on the beaches and swimming areas along the 7 kilometres of beach in Ayamonte has obliged the town hall to carry out this order.
The Portuguese man o´war which looks like a jellyfish but has very distinctive blue tentacles and can deliver a powerful sting. The Portuguese man o´war is not a single organism like a jellyfish but a colony of organisms and is known as a siphonophore. It is also important to note that unlike jell fish where vinegar is used to reduce the sting if you use vinegar as a cure on a  Portuguese man o´war  sting you will only increase the toxic power of the sting.
The mayor of Ayamonte, Antonio Rodríguez Castillo, pointed out that a total of 10 Portuguese man o´wars were spotted as active surveillance had begun due to other beaches along the Huelva coast being affected. Red flags are flying on the beches and various posters have been put in place to inform people of the dangers and a patrol of the beach will be carried out over the weekend.
So you can go to the beach and build sand castles and have lunch in the many beach bars but please stay out of the water and away from Portuguese man o´war

Ayamonte Beach Clean Up


The heavy rains of March not only brought rain but over the course of the last few week’s items which were washed into the Guadiana River from cities as far north as Merida, some 300 kilometres away, have been deposited on the beach on Isla Canela.
Ayamonte town hall have been quick to respond sending teams of workers to clear up the debris, everything from branches, trees, tyres etc.
The councillor responsible for parks and gardens, Javier López, congratulated the town hall workers on the speed of the clean-up and also took advantage to ask the coastal authorities to dispose of this debris as soon as possible.
The beaches in Ayamonte are now enjoying the first week of glorious sunshine in a while with temperatures reaching 27 degrees Celsius.

Reader's Restaurant Guide Published


Infoayamonte reader’s restaurant guide has just been published. From February to March this year readers were able to nominate three restaurants to be included in 2013 Restaurant guide.
A total of 17 different restaurants were nominated. There are a number of changes from last year’s guide with some notable absences but also some nice additions.
Each restaurant was then visited and informed of their successful nomination. We asked each owner or chef to choose a starter and a main course that best represented their restaurant and although many wanted numerous entries we only allowed one option in each case. We also asked them to describe their cuisine and give us a range of prices for a basic menu to a good sit down meal.
All the restaurants can be seen here. You can also add comments below each restaurant of your favourite dishes and experiences.


Wettest March On Record


It is official; March was the wettest March since records of the monthly rainfall began in 1947.

On average every square metre of Spain received 150 litres of rainfall for the month of March.As far as Huelva is concerned the two main reservoirs the Chanza and Andevalo are at 94.6% and 84.8% respectively. There is currently a reserve in these reservoirs of 861 hm3 compared to 750 for the same time last year.

Taking in all of the reservoirs in the Guadiana they are running at 96% of their capacity and have been releasing water since last week as more rain is expected.The rain ran havoc with the Easter week Processions with only a handful making their way out onto the streets and some of those had to run for shelter.The good news is we have the water supply guaranteed for a number of years.

Semana Santa / Easter Week Video


Only if you have experienced Semana Santa in Ayamonte will you begin to understand the meaning and place it holds in the people of Ayamonte’s hearts. They live it, breathe it and if it rains they cry inconsolably.
The whole town comes together to celebrate Semana Santa and year after year you will see people wait outside  the churches and chapels in anticipation of the thrones making their way onto the streets.
The thrones themselves are of incalculable value and the sheer weight of them fully dressed in candles, flowers and sculptures makes you think how can the Costaleros (Throne carriers) carry these loads on their shoulders for hours through many of the streets of Ayamonte.
The Town Hall have put together a short video to give you a glimpse of what Semana Santa feels like in Ayamonte and I would like to thank Toño Méndez for editing and sending me a copy I can use on infoayamonte website. Turn up your sound and click on the video below, I have not translated the video into English but I am sure you’ll find that the music and imagery does all the talking. It's called The Passion in South of the South.

Captain's Day Huge Success On Costa Esuri


Yesterday, (March 16th), was Captains Day at Costa Esuri Golf Club and what a great day it was.

The main event was an Individual Championship played for the Captains Day Trophy with an amazing 64 entrants of varying nationalities. Luckily the weather, although cloudy, was mostly dry so no need for wet weather gear. At 4.30pm the players started to arrive back at the club house at fairly regular intervals until finally at about 7pm everyone was back.

During the last hour of play there was a non-golfers putting match which was won in magnificent form by Mrs Avril Maxwell who was rewarded with a lovely prize donated by last years winner.

While all the players were then gathering at the bar for a post-match libation there was a raffle that had been organised by the Book Club Ladies. An array of desirable gifts had been bought and after selling a huge amount of tickets the profits will go to the Christmas charity.

Next came the prize giving for the Individual Championship which was won by Richard Simm followed in 2nd place by Barry Irving and Henk Kleinloog in 3rd place. There was a generous prize fund which included prizes for Nearest the Pin and the best Front & Back 9´s and also spot prizes.

Next Mr Barry Partner (the outgoing Captain) gave a speech reviewing the highlights of the last year and also thanked everyone who had helped to make the hand over day memorable. His penultimate duty was to then hand over to the new Captain Mr John Bewley.

 Barry's last duty was then to announce that supper was ready and everyone tucked into a wonderful spread of 'Tapas'

New Private Medical Centre Opens In Ayamonte


A new medical private medical centre has opened in Ayamonte which will cater for both Spanish and international clients. The centre which located next to the Residencia de Ancianos on Calle San Antonio Nº 58 has doctors who speak Spanish and English.
Having heard about the centre from friends of mine who are retired here but are not yet at the pension age to receive free medical care, I decided to go to the centre and see what it has to offer.
The building is new and was built specifically to cater as a medical centre, so easy access no architectural barriers and doors, toilets and corridors all adapted for wheelchair access.
Once inside I was greeted by Patricia Cedano one of the two receptionists ( Dyana Merida the other receptionist was on the afternoon shift). She explained that anyone can book a consultation by e-mail by phone or just calling into the centre. Then she introduced me to Dr Emmanuel Cedano who showed me around the installations.
Dr Cedano originally from the Dominican Republic and speaks good English went on to tell me about the services the centre has to offer. The centre offers complete blood analysis with the results available within 24 to 48 hours depending on the test.
The nurse in the centre Rocío Fernández looks after all the nursing care from dressing to vaccinations and the blood tests can be carried out from Monday to Friday from 8.15 to 09.45.
Next I met Dr Daniel Zequeira who has been living in Ayamonte for a number of years and worked in the public health centre in Ayamonte before opening this medical centre. He said what we want to do here is offer a “personal caring service with no waiting around”. The centre itself is open from Monday to Friday 8.15 – 14.30 and 16.00 – 20.00. They are already planning to extend this timetable with Saturday mornings soon to be added.
One of the questions that always come to mind when you visit a private doctor is how much it will cost for a private consultancy and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it was only 30 euros.
Finally I met Dr Yenny Agramonte (yes that’s with a Y not a J) the only female doctor in the centre and she told me that they also offer home healthcare visits at the patient’s request. She also explained that they work in collaboration with Cedico in Huelva for any specialist scans or x-rays that need to be done.
All in all I think the centre is a welcome addition to the services that Ayamonte has to offer.

Tel 0034 959 053 628

Mundialito 2013


Yesterday Tuesday 12th March the venues, matches and timetable of the Mundalialito was presented in Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

The tournament which is in 20th year is a soccer tournament for children and this year there will be 4,000 children playing. A total of 54 nationalities will make up the 200 teams which will play 750 matches from 24th to 30th March in Ayamonte and Vila Real de Santo Antonio.

There are nine different football pitches being used with Ayamonte having two Estadio Ciudad de Ayamonte and Blas Infante. There are four categories which are divided by year of birth: after 2001, 2003, 2005 and football 6 2007. This is the third consecutive year that Vila Real de Santo Antonio and Ayamonte are holding the championships. Some of the top world clubs will be represented in the tournament with clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, At. Madrid, Sevilla, Juventus, Milan, Ajax, Benfica, Sporting, Porto, América de México and Vasco da Gama Brasil.

Tournament timetable can be viewed in english here.

Ayamonte Laughter Workshop


After the huge success of the plan called “Dale Vida a los Años” (give life to your years) the Town Hall health council with the local sports council have decided to extend the activities of the plan to include a laughter workshop. The workshop will take place Tuesday 12th March in the Sports Centre in Ayamonte from 10-12.
It has been known that laughter and good humour prevent sickness and that the most healthy people tend to be more optimistic and laugh more.
The objective of this workshop will be to open the people’s conscience to laugh more and at the same time change how you feel. Laughter many great effects on people not only do you use over 53 muscles when you laugh but it also helps distress and free you of day to day tensions. Studies have shown that laughter also increases the capacity of our auto-immune system. So laugh with us today. Have a look at the video below and have a laugh.


Semana Santa Poster Unveiled


The poster for Semana Santa (Easter week) was unveiled today, Sunday 3rd March, in the Cardenio Theatre. Although the weather was poor the theatre was almost packed.

The painting which is over 190 cm tall depicts a scene from the early morning on Good Friday just as the procession reaches the Casa Grande on Calle Huelva.
The author of the painting behind the poster Juan Manuel Carrasco Galán dedicated the painting to his daughter Alba who was born while he was painting the scene.
 Ayamonte’s Association for Brotherhoods (Agrupación de Cofradías y Hermandades de Ayamonte) who commissioned the painting also presented their magazine, timetable and a special DVD for Semana Santa during the event.

Bronze For Ayamonte Table Tennis


Ayamonte Table Tennis club: CTM Ayamonte Conservas Concepcion has won their first medal in the National Youth Championship which took place last weekend in Pontevedra, Galicia.
CTM Ayamonte Conservas Concepcion beat the following teams:  Ripollet (Cataluña), San Xoan (Galicia), Villajoyosa (Valencia), Brunete (Madrid), La Zubia (Granada), Santa Eularia (Baleares) and Rivas (Madrid) to earn a place in the semifinals.
Sadly they came up against the eventual winners Las Rozas (Madrid), and lost the semifinal 3-1. All said it was a very good show by this young Ayamonte Table tennis team made up of José Manuel Caballero, Diego Torregrosa and brothers Pedro y Pablo Martínez.

Beach Plan Approved For 2013


Ayamonte town council has just approved the Budget and plan for Ayamonte beaches for 2013.
This year they have split the beaches into four sections: Punta del Moral Beach, De los Haraganes Beach, Isla Canela Beach and San Bruno Beach.
Punta del Moral Beach: is 1700 metres long and has an average width of 25 metres and stretches from the Carreras River to the roundabout where the Avenida de la Mojarra and Avenida de los Cisnes meet.
De los Haraganes Beach: is 1500 metres long and has an average width of 12 metres and stretches from the roundabout where the Avenida de la Mojarra and Avenida de los Cisnes meet to Calle de los Mochuelos.
Isla Canela Beach: is 1600 metres long and has an average width of 22 metres and stretches from Calle de los Mochuelos all the way to the carpark of los Mirlos
San Bruno Beach: is 1900 metres long and has an average width of 20 metres and stretches from Calle de los Mochuelos to the mouth of the Guadiana River.
A total of €331,573 has been budgeted for the cleaning, maintenance, equipment and personnel needed to run the beach efficiently this year. A special emphasis is being placed on all amenities being accessible to people with reduced mobility and eliminating any possible barriers.
Rafael Luna, the deputy mayor for infrastructures and works, said " As well as eliminating all the barriers possible we also be making sure that all changes made respect the environment and are evaluated according to sustainable criteria."

EUC Office On Costa Esuri Opens

EUCThe EUC (Entidad Urbanística de Conservación) for Costa Esuri has opened an office in front of the Shopping Centre on Avenida Juan Pablo II. The office which will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00 to 13.00 and will attend to all the questions and problems relating to the EUC for both owners and users alike.
The EUC on Costa Esuri is basically a management and maintenance committee which oversee the public areas of the entire Costa Esuri development. So they are responsible for the upkeep of the roads, footpaths, lights and gardens around the urbanizations.
The office which will be taken care of by the Antonio Gutierrez, Maria Carmen Lopez and Eva María Martinez will also offer important tourist information and publish all upcoming events on Costa Esuri.
Depending on the needs and demand the opening hours may be increased in the summer.


Howya Horse

horsemeatMany of our Irish & English readers are well aware of the recent debacle with horsemeat being used in regular supermarket store burgers. With such a wide variety of fresh foods available here in Spain I for one hardly ever buy a beef burger in a supermarket, as for McD or Bking well the odd occasion. That said OCU ( Organizacion de Consumidores y Usarios: a comsumer watchdog organization so to speak) report on hamburgers published yesterday 28th January really opened my eyes.
The OCU tested 20 different brands of burgers from various stores around Spain and you guessed it, horse meat has also made its way into Spanish beef burgers (two out of the twenty contained horse DNA). Burgers have always been suspect as far as I am concerned and although they do eat horse meat in Spain I would prefer to stick to beef, thank you.
The report brought a more worrying fact about burgers to the table, the quality of the meat. Only five out of the twenty had what the OCU would classify as acceptable meat quality, with the majority rating poor or very poor. The main problems of the quality being excess fats, cartilage and tendons and very little meat in the burger contents.
All the above coupled with the excess salt and large amounts of sulphites. The sulphites are not generally a problem but may cause problems when taken by people with asthma or allergies.
Here is the table of the results:

Brand / Supermarket
 Price per Kg/€
Meat quailty
 Traces of Horse DNA 
Alipende 7.34  Not Published  Yes
Carrefour 6.11 Very Poor No
Carrefour Manhattan 9.35 Poor No
Carrefour Kids 15.83 Very Poor No
El Corte Inglés 9.78 Very Poor No
El Pozo Selección 10.42 Poor No
EMCESA 7.63  Not Published No
Eroski Basic 5.88 Very Poor Yes
Granja Los Tilos 10.23 Very Poor No
Granjero (Coren) 13.30 Acceptable No
Martinez Loriente (Mercadona)  6.02 Poor No
Natural Fresh (Lidl) 5.38 Poor No
Raza Nostra Basic 13.57 Acceptable No
Raza Nostra Buey Gallego 21.43 Very Good No
Roler Big Burger 8.28 Poor No
Roler Clasica 6.68 Very Poor No
Roler Mickey 13.93 Poor No
Roler Summum 12.51 Very Good No
Rustico (Lidl) 5.71 Very Poor No
Villa del Monte (Alcampo) 6.45 Very Poor No



Hotel Isla Canela Golf Reopens

Isla Canela golf hotel located on Isla Canela 18 hole golf course has reopened this week creating 15 new jobs. The hotel with consists of 53 double rooms, 3 singles and two suites is ideally located on Isla Canela and surrounded by the 17th  and 18th holes.canela-golf-hotelKostka Horno the director of Isla Canela golf course is the new hotel director and he will combine both positions to make Hotel Isla Canela Golf and Canela golf club a unique venue in Ayamonte. Kostka originally from Zaragoza and a keen golfer with a handicap of three has been the director of Isla Canela golf for the last seven years and is married with two children.
Having visited the new golf installations in the hotel, with new locker rooms, showers, sauna and even a Turkish bath it’s not hard to see that both golfer and golfing tourist are in for a treat.
The first tournament to be organized by the hotel is to take part this weekend Sat 19th January and it is already totally booked. The tournament will start at 11am and finish with a gala cocktail for 150 in the evening. Another  tournament is already planned for Saturday February 2nd for those who missed out on this occasion.
The hotel official opened last Monday and I only got a chance to have a look around today. I have to say the bar area is a lot more friendly and with a good tapa menu and stays open from 8am until 11pm.
The bar and restaurant are to be run by renowned restaurateur Gonzalo Ferrer and indeed most of the paintings hung around the hotel are by him. The restaurant which is called Thebussem will serve a mix of international and mediterranean cuisine. I didn’t have time today to try out the food but the menu looked different in a good way and prices were very reasonable. By the time the infoayamonte restaurant guide goes live in February I will be able to give a more detailed opinion.


Great Day For A Run

Over 500 athletes turned out today Sunday Jan 13th for Ayamonte annual half marathon. The half marathon or 21km is now in its 28th year and never fails to attract runners from all over Europe. This year there were athletes from Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Russia, Finland and England.halfmarathonThe marathon was won by Ilda NikolaJev from Estonia in a time of one hour 10 minutes and 39 seconds, while Natalia Logutjonkova from Russian won the female category with a time of one hour 23 minutes 41 seconds.
Sue’s Runners a club based in the Algarve also had a clean sweep of the prizes with Hellum Kirsten winning the Veteran D category and Truus Zandstra winning the veteran F category. Sue Howard won category E and Mary Palmer and Jill Edwards were second and third respectively.
Once again Ayamonte Sports council put on a great show and with the help of the local cycling, club, the motorbike club, and numerous students from the local schools ensured a great day was had by all.
This event is fast becoming one of the most important and respected road running events in Andalucía.  Some 71 clubs took part in today’s event and are sure to go away with a good impression from the public who cheered them on.

See photo gallery of the event on our facebook page


Ayamonte Parador Saved From Total Closure

After intense negotiations in Madrid between the Trade Unions and Paradores de Turismo SA an agreement was reached which will save 294 jobs and see only one of the Parador Hotels close its doors for good.ParadorSome 11 hours of meetings and negotiations it has been agreed that the Parador in Ayamonte is to stay open but it will be closed in low season for four months. The change comes after intense protesting by the people of Ayamonte and evidence that Ayamonte Parador is a viable business.
Paradores de Turismo SA announced in December the closure of various hotels throughout Spain claim that the current losses of over 70 million euros were unsustainable. The change in strategy will now see only one hotel close the Parador in Puerto Lumbreras which employs three people full time. However 13 restaurants in the Parador group will now close.
Workers will see their full time contracts changes to seasonal contracts and will have to take a cut of three per cent in their salary. They will also lose their rights to two days paid leave for personal matters. They will also be offered voluntary redundancy package which is more favorable: 25 days pay for year worked with a maximum of 20 months. (Current Spanish law outlines 20 days pay for year worked with a maximum of 12 months). 

Absolutely Brilliant

Christmas brings out the best in people and once again I have to take my hat off to the people at the Esuri Book Club for their brilliant donation to Ayamonte.esurihelpI met with four book club members (Avril Maxwell, Shelia Butler, Shelia Johnson and Bryony Collins), just before Christmas and they told me their plan for this year. All I can say is that I am proud of what the English speaking community does here.
Many of you already know the club that meets on a Wednesdays from 4pm at Costa Esuri club house and where you can get a book for only a euro and then every other book you swap is only 50 cents. The club has many sides to it, from being a meeting point to a source of good information and guidance. However they have to be recognized for the great charity work they do year in year out.  Charities like Aones, British Legion and the Red Cross are just a few that already know the generosity of this club which was set up a few years ago by Shelia Butler and Shelia Johnson. They have donated thousands of euros to local charities.
This year the club is making their donation to needy families living in Ayamonte. With the help of Janice Malone they have elaborated a shopping list for food hampers for over 20 families.
 Mercadona, who kindly donated the wrapping paper and shopping baskets, delivered the shopping list to a house in Costa Esuri where members of Costa Esuri Book Club gift wrapped the parcels. They then delivered the parcels themselves to each household so the families would have something nice on Christmas Eve.
They spent over one thousand euros and to top up the kitty the golfers at Costa Esuri donated another two hundred euros.
And it doesn’t stop there, as on the night of January 5th when “Reyes Magos” deliver the presents the book club is also buying kiddies presents so no one is left out.


Ayamonte Parador To Close

The company which runs the Paradores in Spain, Paradores de Turismo SA has presented their restructuring plan which foresees the closure of the Parador in Ayamonte.Parador

The Parador group which consists of 98 establishments spread throughout Spain and employs 4,600 people was started in 1928. Many of the hotels witin the group are building of huge historic interest.

Paradores de Turismo SA have stated that the fall of occupancy in the Paradores from 72% in 2007 to 52% in 2011 has cause a loss of 77 million euros and expect the final figures for 2012 to add another 30 million to the accumulated debt. According to their projections by 2013 the projected debt would be 32 million more or a total of 139 million which is unsustainable.

Ayamonte Parador

The Parador in Ayamonte is located on the site of Ayamonte’s Castle ruins and has been open since 1966 and currently employs 34 people.

Paradores de Turismo SA has outlined six Paradores for closure: Coruña, Teruel, Ourense, Ciudad Real, Albacete and Ayamonte. A total of 644 jobs are to be lost and full time workers will see their contracts changed to seasonal contracts.

Of the 16 Paradores located in Andalucía, a total of 118 workers will lose their jobs (34 in Ayamonte alone) while another 50 of the 796 workers will see their contracts modified.

Four Banks Rescued

It has taken almost six months for the European Commission to approve the rescue fund for the four Spanish Banks which have been nationalized during the crisis. A total of 36,965 million euros are to be made available to these banks as a major overhaul of the European banking system begins.500

Vice President of the European Commission and Competition Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia has stated that the objective is to restore the viability of banks receiving aid so they can function in the future without public support.

The rescue comes with numerous conditions which will see a big shake up in the four banks:

  • Shareholders to be hit and are expected to foot 10,000 million euros of the debt.
  • Property assets are to be handed over to the Spanish Bad Bank Sareb with up to 50 percent discounts in their current value.
  • Number of branches to be reduced by 50%
  • No credit is allowed for property developers or Promoters.
  • Credit lines to be opened mainly for small and medium enterprises (PYMES).
  • Directors payroll and bonuses capped.

Bankia, Catalunya Caixa, Novagalicia and Banco de Valencia.Bankia is to receive the lion’s share of the rescue package with 17960 million, Catalunya Caixa 9,080 million, Novagalicia Banco 5425 million and Banco de Valencia 4500 million.

Bankia has already announced that it plans to cut its staff by close to 6,000 workers and to reduce the number of branches by 1,100 as it plans to become profitable by 2013.

Banco de Valencia is to be sold to Caixa Bank for one euro a move Brussels has already approved and this comes after the Orderly Bank Restructuring Fund (FROB in Spanish) alreadyed bailed this bank out to the tune of 4,500 million.

Catalunya Caixa and Novagalicia Banco are to be sold or liquidated in the next five years.



Ayamonte & Vila Real De Santo Antonio

On Thursday 22nd November the first meeting was held in Ayamonte town Hall to bring about a Euro-city Ayamonte-Vila Real de Santo Antonio. The two towns who have worked together on various events and projects in the past are looking into the possibility of joining forces before the European Union in a bid to gain more funding.eurocity

Vila Real de Santo Antonio with 18,000 inhabitants and Ayamonte with a population of 21,000 would give a combined population of 39,000 as a Euro-city. This is the first time two towns very close to each other but in different countries will try to join forces to be recognized for European funding as a Euro-City.

Both towns linked by ferry have a strong business relationship and have organized events like the children’s World Cup (Mundalito), the 10 mile international run, the cross border swim, and numerous regattas along the Guadiana this year alone.

The Mayor of Ayamonte Antonio Rodríguez Castillo and President of the chamber of commerce in Vila Real de Santo Antonio Luís Gomes, both said that the bid for a Euro-city will only strengthen the existing social, economic, cultural, sporting and environmental links between the two town. A follow up meeting is scheduled for December.

Ayamonte Horse Fair

Ayamonte is holding its first horse fair from 26th to 29th October this year. The fair will involve various equestrian exhibitions, chats and a number of specialists stands which will be located at the Auditorium on the old Ayamonte to Lepe road.Horsefair

The fair starts with a parade of horses accompanied by drummers who at 6 pm on October  26th will march from La Plaza Laguna  to the fairs grounds and at 22.00 there will be a flamenco show directed by Lourdes Jiménez, with Sevillanas on horseback by jockey Manuel Franco.

The event which is organised by the Youth association “ La Cruz” is a follow on from their successful horse walks which attracted over 300 jockeys last weekend. For all the events that are taking place over the weekend please take a look at our event guide.

Dog Owners Asked To Clean Up Their Act

There is nothing worse than walking down one of the main streets in Ayamonte and stepping on some dog litter. Ayamonte town hall has tried on numerous occasions to educate dog owners on the disposal of dog litter and although there are many understanding, respectful dog owners there are still a number of owners who are oblivious to the problem.Dog-foulingAyamonte town hall has now decided that any dog owner who doesn’t clear up their dog litter will be fined up to €750. The Town Hall Edict published yesterday 24th September 2012 states that each dog owner is responsible for the correct disposal of their dogs litter should they be deposited on a public footpath, garden, park or walk or risk being fined up to €750.
The Deputy Mayor of Works & Environment for Ayamonte Town Hall, Rafael Luna, pointed out that this measure was not brought in as a way of collecting money but simply a way of raising the public awareness that the tidiness and cleanliness of our streets parks and gardens is a portrayal of the towns Identity.

Costa Esuri Summer Festival Success.

The First Costa Esuri Summer Festival has been a resounding success with both local residents and people from Ayamonte and surrounding areas visiting the festival.Esuri festival prize giving

The competition’s which were held over the three day festival were well received with a special note going to the golf competition which was won by Eamon Kerr having to close its inscription after the 56 people quota was reached.

The Padel competition which also attracted 20 teams had to close its inscription early due to the huge interest in the competition. Padel tournament sponsors Javier Perez from Vinculos Sur Oeste and Wilfredo Gonzalez from ClimaVip presented the prizes to tournament winners Rafael Martins and Miguel Pavon. CERA President, Jose Gonzalez Diaz, announced that next year this tournament with have various venues to ensure that more teams will be able to take part.

The international food tournament was judged by José Telles Dias a retired hotelier and Richard Baker chef at Quinta do Vale. The winiing dish was a savoury Spanish Stew accompaanied by rice was cooked by Octavia and on receiving her prize she promised to come back next year with an even more daring dish.

The festival which was organized by CERA Costa Esuri Residents Association with Kris Kopke, Jose Gonzalez Diaz and Phil Johnson playing a pivotal part in the smooth running of all the events is set to be a permanent fixture on the Festival Calendar for years to come, so book that third week in august now.

Photos of the prize giving can be seen on our facebook page here:

The winners of the competitions are as follows:

Golf Tournament

Nearest the pin on 12th hole :- Gillian Mellon.
Longest drive on 12th hole :- Andrew Thomson.
 Main Stableford Competition :

-  3rd position with a score of 44 points :- Paloma Manrique

2nd position with 44 points (won on back nine holes ) :- Liam Murray.
Winner of First Festival trophy with 45 points :- Eamon Kerr .
6 players scored over 40 points on the day, 56 participants.

Bike Race Winner: Javier Paredes Caballero

Best International Dish : SÑRA OCTAVIA

Hoop Race:        1st Dani Hidalgo

                              2nd Alberto Perez Bornes

Facepainting two winners: Natalia Olivares & Nerea Barros

Futbolin Winners : Guillermo Gómez & Enrique Gómez

Table Tennis winner: Philip Johnson and runner up Guillermo Gómez

Padel : Winners: Rafael Martins & Miguel Pavon

                2nd Place: Manuel Rodriguez & Gabriel Lopez

                3rd Place: Edurardo Duardo Ojeda & Raul Santos

Bridge winner : Eamonn Kerr  


Costa Esuri To Celebrate First Summer Festival

The Residents Association in Costa Esuri are organizing the first summer festival on Esuri this coming August. The festival which will last for three days will run from Friday August 17th to Sunday August 19th.EsurifestivalThe residents association, which was set up three years ago and has over two hundred members, have decided that it is time Costa Esuri had its own festival and although the economic climate is complicated they are adamant of the festival's success.
The full program of events which will be published this week includes numerous competitions, golf, padel, chess, table tennis coupled with live music and various shows. The majority of the events will take place in the extensive car park in front of Costa Esuri Clubhouse.
Those wishing to sign up for the golf tournament may do so at Costa Esuri club house with a shotgun start on Friday 17th August at 9 am.
One of the events that has stirred up a lot of anticipation is the tasting of international foods to take place Saturday at 8 pm.
Ayamonte town hall is helping out with the stage and fencing and Cruzcampo are building the bars and local business Jag’s Bistro and Golf Dourado run the two bars during the festival. More information to come...

Team GB Trains in Ayamonte

Athletes from the Great Britain Olympic 400 m and 4 by 100 m relay team have been preparing for the London 2012 Olympics in Ayamonte.Team-GBThe GB 100 metre relay team chose the Blas Infante Stadium in Ayamonte to polish off their preparations for the Olympics which get underway this Friday
The Deputy Mayor for Sport from Ayamonte Town Hall Francisco Blázquez welcomed the choice by the GB team and said “this is just another statement of proof of the fine installations we have to offer in Ayamonte to all types of athletes and which coupled with an ideal climate allows athletes to prepare for the upcoming season and championships”.

All Aboard

The town hall have just released the terms for bidding for the tourist train which runs in Ayamonte. The train has been running during Christmas and Easter following a route which starts beside the zoo and travels up to the Parador hotel down into the centre and returns to the Zoo.

The tender terms will amplify the route and serve Isla Canela as well. Here are the terms that have been laid out in the tender.Ayamontetrain

At Christmas the tourist train must run a service from Christmas Eve up to January 6th (Small Christmas)

Easter: Train must run from Palm Sunday to Easter Monday

Summer season the train is to run from June 1st until September 30th.

The rest of the year train service is option for the winner of the tender.

Trains will be allowed to travel on the public road from 9 am to 3 pm and 5pm to 10 pm and during the summer they will be allowed to run until 2 am.

The Mayor of Ayamonte, Antonio Rodríguez Castillo said that “Although we have been offering this service sporadically over the last few months, we are looking to regularize the service with a long-term contact of four years which will benefit local businesses and tourists.

Proposed Route For Town Centre


Proposed Route for Isla Canela